Washington Redskins

The Redskins tamed the Jaguars and are heading North to Ring the Eagles Bell.

Is there really anyone surprised that Robert Griffin III will not be making it through a complete NFL Season AGAIN?  After Griffin was injured and couldn’t move on a “no contact” play, the Football game continued as he laid there motionless.  Kirk Cousins throw a touchdown pass on his first play on the field and then the crowd cheered as RGIII was removed from FedExField as the Redskins starting quarterback.  I pray for Griffin’s speedy recovery so that he can make it on the trade block by week 6.  The Seattle Seahawks knew what they were doing when they “Bullied” 3 first round draft picks from a desperate Washington team for the opportunity to have “RGKnee”.

DeSean Jackson aggravated his shoulder early in the Jacksonville Blowout but will not be missing this match-up against his former Philadelphia Eagles team.  Jackson has been looking forward to making the second year Head Coach Chip Kelly and his Eagles pay for the decision to start gang related rumors and cut him.  I’m sure the shoulder may just need a “Get Right” Injection (much like the one RGII got his first year) and a “Addaboy” to be a dominate force on Sunday.  

During DeSean’s Post Game interview at Redskins Park, there wasn’t one person who could ask the “Million Dollar Questions”.  “Does this remind you of Michael Vick getting hurt and then Nick Foles coming which ended up being your best year ever in the league?  How do you feel about having a real opportunity to be a Leading Receiver in the NFL now that you have a great quarterback to get you the ball?  When you score a touchdown against the Eagles on Sunday, what gang signs if any will you throw up at Coach Kelly?” 

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