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Response to a RR on Elevate Life Church in Frisco, TX by Ron Robey

Unbelievable how when things are going good people tend to forget how great God is.  In the same breath when times get tough we’re quick to point blame at everyone but ourselves.  Check out this story and testimony of Ron Robey as this is the Response to a Rip-Off Report on Elevate Life Church


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Ron Robey was born on August 12th 1977 in Manassas, Va just a few days before the “KING OF ROCK AND ROLL” Elvis Presley died.  Ron was born to a 3rd generation Milk Man, Ron Robey Sr. and a career Packer and Packing Inspector Sharon Robey.  Both parents are still together, alive and are living as an example of how to live, laugh and love.  Ron moved to Stafford, Va between the 7th and 8th grade where he began developing relationship with friends that would last a lifetime.  North Stafford High School in 1995 was proud to graduate a 17 year old Mr. Robey and considered offering him the “Barely Made It” award if such thing existed.

Shortly after High School Ron joined the United States Air Force and was assigned to the AFAC 8G000 United States Air Force Presidential Honor Guard Ceremonial Guardsman unit out of Bolling, AFB in Washington, DC.  Basically he moved back home with his friends and family but in the Air Force.  Hanging out with High School friends and being a serious man who’s experienced a life changing career didn’t mix as great as planned.  Before his second year in the Military, Ron was punished for one nights actions that ended up with an General under Honorable Conditions Discharge from the Military.

A pregnant girlfriend mixed with a 2 weeks paycheck from Walmart and McDonalds collectively earned Malisa Danyell Stinnet an engagement to Ronald Edward Robey Jr. in 1997.  Brittany Jewel Robey was born the day after Ron turned 21 on August the 13th 1998 and then a few years later Josephine Texanna Robey was born a day after that on August 14th 2001.  I guess you can say that God was revealing himself to this young couple who were going through a trying time.  Ron has followed in his fathers footsteps and drove a milk truck for Shenandoah’s Pride Dairy for 9 years from 21 until he turned 30 years old.

Nice house, nice cars, nice motorcycle, beautiful family surrounded by great friends set the background for his early 30’s but drugs and alcohol would play a lead role in this play.  Working as a Salesman for Honda, Toyota, Scion, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Cadillac, Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler Ron got quite the experience in closing techniques.  Lustine Toyota was the launching pad for an aggressive salesperson and was a life experience that would not be forgotten.  Job hopping would put the Robey family in a situation that moving out of state and pursuing a new start in Texas would look like the best opportunity available.

Ron Robey moved to Texas with his family in 2009 and started his work as a independent contractor for AT&T, Time Warner Cable, Direct TV and Dish Network.  He’s responsible for setting up and leading by example the “door knocking team” Direct Sales Consultants in North Texas.  Starting his own roofing company was an idea that his friend Gabe Lopez was chasing and Ron knew that he could do it too.  August 2011, Ron Robey started in business for himself and has never looked back.  Check some links on social media of Ron Robey which include but are not limited to:

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